PNOĒ - Building Healthy Fitness Businesses with Flexible Payments

PNOĒ - Building Healthy Fitness Businesses with Flexible Payments

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Buy now pay later for B2B is somewhat of a trendy phrase. But it's nothing new. Traditionally, for businesses to buy now and pay later, they had to submit lengthy applications and wait to be approved for payment terms. Now, fintech companies are taking that process, digitizing it, and embedding it into the ecommerce checkout.

The benefits of B2B buy now pay later are many. It enables businesses to offer their customers the flexibility they need to pay on a schedule that works for them and their cash flow constraints. This can lead to greater sales conversions, average order size, and of course, customer loyalty. But the best way to understand the true value is with real-life stories.

Apostolos Astalakis, Co-founder and CEO of PNOĒ, explains how a modern, agile, tech stack helped them easily roll out a positive payment experience for their customers.


PNOĒ is the world’s first fitness training technology to equip fitness and health professionals with sophisticated biometric analysis methods and the power to harness the full potential of cardiometabolic testing. The PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System builds a personal metabolic profile in just 10 minutes, taking clinically accurate measurements of metabolic, heart, lung, and cellular fitness in just 10 minutes. PNOĒ’s Precision Nutrition, Virtual Sessions, Group Training, and Workout Builder then offer them a unified experience powered by their personal metabolic profile.

PNOĒ Use Case

PNOĒ sells its proprietary training systems to fitness and health professionals, as well as gyms. Since customers need to get the hardware before being able to use it with their own customers, PNOĒ needed a payments solution that they could plug and play to give their customers more flexible payment methods.

At the same time, they didn’t want to assume the risk of offering net terms, so they wanted an easy way to offer financing, too. This is all too common among B2B merchants. The benefits of B2B buy now pay later are often overrun by the overhead costs and development resources it could take to have the kind of ideal payment experience merchants are after. Thanks to Balance, PNOĒ didn't have to settle.

“Balance makes it possible for us to sell our products in the way that makes the most sense for our customers. Balance helps our business to offer the gold standard in flexible payment terms and give our customers a better experience.”

- Apostolos Atsalakis, Co-founder & CEO PNOĒ

B2B buy now pay later, digital invoices, and more

With the Balance Platform, PNOĒ gives their customers the flexibility to pay once they start generating revenue using the PNOĒ system. Most gyms charge approximately $100 - $300 for this service. On average 30%+ of gym members sign up for testing within the first six months. Using their Balance account, PNOĒ generates invoices to gyms, payable in installments over time, but gets paid immediately by Balance. In this way, PNOĒ is able to offer a better and more flexible payments experience.

B2B payments, without all the hassle

With Balance, merchants simply log in to accept payments any way for their online or offline business - and get paid instantly. Reach out to our team to learn more about automating payment operations, accepting multiple payment methods, offering B2B buy now pay later, and more.

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