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Accept more business customers.

Elevate your enterprise above the competition by delivering exceptional payment experiences.

Faster Invoice Processing
using automated
e-invoicing systems
Reduction in abandoned carts
for companies using our checkout
Of credit approvals done in minutes
When using Balance’s digital trade credit application
Of credit approvals done in minutes
when using Balance’s digital trade credit application
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Introduce scale into payment operations and see revenue gains.

Balance eliminates losses associated with customer drop-off, burdened cash flow, and more—so you can focus on growing your business, instead of managing payments.

Balance: Getting Started

We’ve been bringing in a lot of high-value customers where we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make the sale, or, at least not in the way our buyers want it.

Capture more sales.

Attract, engage, and retain your most valuable customers.

  • Provide unrestrictive and rolling credit limits, mitigate your credit risk and improve cash flow.
  • Global support for terms and payments
  • Onboard business buyers to their trade credit accounts in just 30 seconds

Eliminate admin.

Leverage our modular technology to incrementally enhance your digital capabilities as you progress through your transformation journey.

  • Automatic reconciliation and dunning
  • Ready-to-go integrations and easy-to-use APIs
  • 24/7 customer support

Create new revenue streams.

Leverage technology as a way to boost value-added services.

  • Extend large credit lines to support high AOVs
  • A one-click checkout that enhances conversion rates
  • A modern buyer portal to assist customers in paying however they want, whenever they want.

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