Introduce automation to your AR processes.

Leave behind outdated software, accelerate cash collection, automate dunning, and empower your B2B finance teams.

Automate cash application.

Improve AR and optimize working capital by spending less time and resources on determining which invoices are being paid, by which buyer. Our system accurately and instantly reconciles every incoming payment to the corresponding customer invoice in real-time.

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Give your customers a holistic control center.

The easier it is for your buyers pay, the more efficient your operations can be. Meet the Buyer Portal, where you can help your buyers:

  • Centralize their outstanding payments
  • Streamline their reconciliation across various payment methods, with easily downloadable payment information
  • Enhance their user convenience with on-file payment methods and seamless payment experiences directly linked from invoices

Enhance payment efficiency.

Automate communication to buyers and provide critical payment information, payment instructions, and quick payment options to help streamline the payment process.

  • Send timely payment reminders and reduce manual follow-ups
  • Include payment memos and have complete control over customizing the cadence of reminders
  • Choose from multiple payment flows designed to optimize collections
A phone screen showing a payment reminder.

Introduce smart debiting.

Reduce failure instances and maximize collections. Here's how it works:

  • Debits occur automatically from connected bank accounts.
  • Rules ensure precise timing for automated debits.

  • Payment failures are handled with automatic retries and alternative methods.

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