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Balance connects to leading B2B platforms and software, so you can accelerate time-to-market and easily roll out payments—no code required.

Pre-built integrations for B2B trade

Take the work out of business payments with the industry’s most modern and robust platform yet.

Integrate with the systems you already use for order management, ecommerce, procurement, and accounting.

Balance syncs all your data, so you can start moving payments online, quickly.

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Using ecommerce integrations, ChemDirect brings payments and financing to its marketplace.

ChemDirect used Balance’s pre-built integrations for Magento to launch their marketplace.

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Balance for Salesforce Commerce, the all-in-one platform for accepting payments, extending financing, and growing revenue.

Adobe Commerce

The only B2B Magento checkout
with built-in financing. Streamline all of your payment operations from financing to AR automation with the first Magento checkout.


Offer net terms in your online store and provide payment processing designed
for business transactions - all from your
B2B BigCommerce Store.


Extend financing and B2B payment options to your customers, directly from your B2B store on Shopify.


Build B2B payments conveniently into your marketplace with everything you need to compliantly manage the full transaction lifecycle.


Define and execute an innovative payment strategy that fits seamlessly into your marketplace and keeps you ahead of the supply chain. 

Nautical Commerce

Curate a seamless experience that attracts sellers and buyers with our headless multi-vendor marketplace payment infrastructure.

Virto Commerce

Expedite your Time-To-Value through Balance's flexible payment architecture, giving you a competitive advantage in the B2B ecommerce space.

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Open APIs for custom integration

Access to open APIs for seamless custom integrations, with comprehensive support and step-by-step guides available.

Real-time data syncs

Automatically sync historical and real-time data across all your integrations, ensuring consistently relevant information.


Our integrations are adaptable to your sales channels, whether they are offline, online, or a combination of both.

Endless flexibility

Customize your integrations with unlimited flows and rules, enabling automatic updates based on customer interactions.

“Just having the integration sit right inside of BigCommerce, it saves a lot of steps. This is a holistic environment where payments and ordering are so much simpler.”
Keval Baxi,

CEO of Codal

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