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Help your team move faster.

Boost your working capital and reduce DSO with digital and seamless payments.

DSO reduction
for merchants using our buyer portal
Lower processing costs
when offering Bank Payments in
our B2B checkout
Of buyers proceed to pay
When using Balance’s dunning
Of buyers proceed to pay
when using Balance’s dunning
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Empower your payment ops team with real-time visibility across all channels.

Balance’s unique data ecosystem reveals the status of every payment across your entire buyer base, plus offers robust notification settings, and activity alerts—so you can stay on top of everything, all from one place.

By involving automation and eliminating manual triggers or actions for each step of the cycle, we improved the customer experience.

Ankit Gupta /
 CFO, Nandansons

Centralize payment data.

Start leveraging the necessary tools to:

  • Track payments efficiently from one central location
  • Easily monitor payment statuses
  • Reduce the time spent on manual work.

Scale AR management.

Balance offers a solution to the 87% of businesses who face late payments. We enable you to:

  • Expedite payments by automating reminders
  • Seamlessly integrate an accounts payable portal right at the point of payment

Remove risk from your balance sheet.

With Balance, you can:

  • Start approving buyers right away with instant decisioning
  • Eliminate slow and manual review of credit applications
  • Extend financing to hundreds of buyers with a single click

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