End-to-end payments for leading brands and platforms.

Balance pioneered the payment function for B2B technology players—from platforms to procurement SaaS tools—that are dedicated to one mission: solving the intricate needs of B2B trade.


Global enterprises use Balance to accept B2B payments, finance transactions, and move their businesses online.

“Their solution was developed into our system seamlessly and the payment processing they offer is superior to that of other companies. I would highly recommend Balance as a payment provider.”
Ian Sharp, COO
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“We're taking a highly manual error-prone process and turning it into a really simple action step, fully integrated into the platform where our customers already receive all their orders, enabling them to more successfully collect payment and do so with much less work.”
Jacob Teplin, COO
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“Balance ended my 4 year search for a payment experience that is built for our needs as a marketplace.”
Shep Hickey, CEO
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Facilitate and scale multi-party payments.

Balance takes on the toughest parts of building payments and financing so you can scale with ease.

Custom solutions, 
for complex problems.

Simple front-end. Robust back-end.

Whether you’re launching a new platform or scaling it, it’s never been easier to trigger financing, processing, or payout capabilities. Until now.

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Balance is the perfect fit due to the UX built-in best practices and the ability to offer a simplified checkout flow that included a multitude of payment options, including terms.

Tom Mcfadyen / 
CEO, Mcfadyen Digital

Hundreds of new accounts. Over 10,000 minutes saved. And that was just after three months.

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Transactions processed
Active accounts
2 minutes
Saved per transaction

API-first platform, embedded seamlessly into your platform.

The easiest way to streamline marketplace transactions.

Learn how B2B technology leaders leverage Balance.

“A platform that starts its life as B2C will never be able to work for B2B. That’s why we knew we needed a B2B BNPL partner. Balance as a third party was able to work closely enough where it is a seamless handoff.”
Shep Hickey,

CEO of Bryzos
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