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Turn payments into a net profit engine.

Distributors using Balance see positive impact across their entire P&L.

Balance delivers measurable impact for distributors in every aspect of their business.

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With Balance
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Grow your revenue.

Accelerate your business goals with a credit operation built for growth.

Embedded net terms program

Increase AOV and LTV

Boost spending and repeat purchases with your own net terms program. Easily onboard thousands of buyers and increase limits over time, with the highest business approval rates in the industry.

Digital SMB credit approvals

Expand your
customer base

Approve more customers for terms, faster. Balance leverages proprietary data to underwrite even the smallest buyers while maintaining a seamless experience across all channels.

Large credit limits

Drive high
retention rates

Easily build loyalty and trust with your largest customers, no matter their credit needs, with a seamless digital financing experience.

Lower your processing costs.

Credit card processing costs are hurting your margins. But you can do something about it.

Credit card surcharge

Pass on card fees

Handle greater credit card volume without incurring associated costs by easily implementing a surcharge fee for credit card transactions.

IC+ with L2/L3 support

Optimize card costs

It's possible to reduce costs by 30% just by properly sending L2/L3 data to the card network for eligible transactions. Our team will make sure your transactions are optimized for lower costs and avoid network downgrades due to incomplete information.

Alternative payment methods

Mix in bank payments

Mix in alternative digital payment methods such as ACH or wire to lower your credit card processing volume all within an equally simple payment experience and automatic reconciliation process.

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Reduce your credit costs.

Boost AR processes with technology and automation, not additional workflows or overhead.

Buyer payments portal

Make it easy for your buyers to pay

Give your buyers real time visibility to all of their invoices in one place - they will pay faster and have a better experience, while you remove the overhead from your finance team.

Finance and accounting suite

Automate reminders and reconciliation.

With Balance, you don't need expensive, third party reconciliation software. Since funds flow through us, we can easily and automatically reconcile all payments, no matter the channel. Our software also handles payment reminders, so you don't have to.

Next-day advance

Reduce bad debt expense and get a cash flow boost

Balance pays you upfront for net terms transactions so that you can remove risk from your balance sheet and focus on growth.

Unlock your full profit potential.

From less costs to more customers, give your entire business the boost it deserves.

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Case Study

See how inBuild successfully switched buyers from cards to ACH, reducing processing costs by 86%

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“We were able to grow our digital channel in ways we didn’t know were possible. Balance’s true uniqueness is in its product flexibility and ability to work with our existing business processes.”
Michael Eichinger
COO at Bay Fastening Systems

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