The complete B2B payment stack for the digital merchant.

Balance provides all the tools you need to accept payments digitally and win over customers.

Out-of-the-box capabilities, from payment acceptance to payouts.

Global Card Processing

All cards, all currencies effortlessly handled.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of adding buyer surcharges
  • Earn savings from interchange rates with L2/L3 processing
  • Allow buyers to securely store their credit card information through the Balance Buyer Portal.

Bank Payments

Instant ACH debit. Same-day funds. It's that simple.

  • Get paid securely and swiftly, exactly when and how you want.
  • Automated reconciliation for every payment
  • Offer a seamless payment experience at checkout


Send payments securely and compliantly to all of your vendors, at scale.

  • Orchestrate payouts to multiple recipients with just one click
  • Get detailed payout reports and notifications
  • Easily implement vendor fees and merchant take rates

Convert more with the first, most advanced B2B checkout.

ACH, wires and cards. Self-serve invoicing and embedded financing. A B2C-like experience for business payments.

Our dedicated B2B checkout has it all, so that more businesses can drive AOV and repeat purchases.

API-first business payments.

Pick from our components to build your payment infrastructure, your way.

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Payment methods

Let your buyers pay how they want.

  • Wire transfers
  • ACH debit & credit
  • Next-day ACH settlement
  • Credit card processing

Global payments

Sell to your global customers.

  • Cross-border payments
  • Cross-border payouts
  • FX fee flexibility

Payment channels

Offer the payment experience you want.

  • Hosted B2B checkout
  • Payment Pages
  • API-only

Power your omnichannel sales.

No matter the sales channel, payment links make accepting payments easy.

  • Outbound and field sales: POS solutions to meet customers where they are
  • Inbound sales and telesales: Payment links that can be sent to customers via email or text, no code required
  • Ecommerce: Embedded solutions for self-serve ordering

Accept payments from your global customers.

With support for over 20 currencies, Balance offers seamless global payment capabilities, ensuring you:

  • Can easily expand into new markets
  • Receive payments without worrying about reconciliation, foreign exchange fees, or location restrictions
A screen shot of an invoicer with an extra tax.

Make every step of the payments process frictionless.

With a single portal system, you’ll offer buyers visibility into their payments status at every step and make it simpler than ever for them to pay you.

  • Offer your customers a transparent view of all invoices and detailed line item information
  • Provide a secure experience with a convenient login and saved payment methods on file
  • Benefit from a 35% improvement in collection time

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