Accept any payment,
any way.

Customers can pay with credit card, ACH, wire transfer or checks, from the checkout.

Allow method flexibility, with 1 consolidated payment.

No matter how the customer chooses to pay - we will transfer you one consolidated payment straight to your account.

Accept credit cards, ACH,
Wires and

Process cards with Tier-1 processors, like Stripe. Debit your buyers' account and settle the payment immediately, eliminating long clearing times and payment failures. Track, reconcile, and settle your wire transfers right in your Balance account. Provide a secure lock box where your buyers can have checks mailed. We handle deposits and reconciliation so you don’t need to.

Self-serve invoicing

Buyer can generate an invoice from the checkout, and pay it with a check, wire transfer or credit card. You can customize the invoices your customers receive with your own brand colors and logo.

Take your mind off payments, for good.