Built in B2B marketplace compliance infra.

Keeping you out of the payment flow

Balance would take care of collections from the buyers and payouts to the vendors so you can remain out of the funds flow. We would charge the commission on behalf you and transfer it to your Balance account.

Compliant KYC and onboarding processes

Balance will take care of vendor onboarding, including a risk based KYC and AML processes, sanctions screening, and MATCH list checks and secure credit card data tokenization.
The marketplace can send Balance all the vendors’ details via API or manually through the platform. Alternatively, the marketplace can send vendors an onboarding link - from which the vendors can onboard themselves. Balance would review the information the vendors provided and the marketplace doesn’t have to be part of the process at all.

1-2 business days cycle

In a financed transaction, vendors will receive the funds to the bank account they’ve set in their account settings, within
1-2 business days.

Take your mind off payments, for good.