A self-serve B2B checkout.

Created for B2B ecommerce, from the ground up. The intuitive and flexible checkout experience buyers expect.

Seamless integration

We made implementing Balance easy and smooth with different options for you to choose from. You can start using the platform today with zero integration involved, integrate the checkout within a few hours of work, implement using the API capabilities, or use pre-built Balance integrations with Magento, BigCommerce, Salesforce, and Quickbooks. Click here to get access to our API docs.

Built as building blocks for full customization

Using the Balance API capabilities, you can configure and modify the experience to accommodate your buyers or vendors’ needs. We understand the complexities of your business and make sure our features answer your needs as a B2B merchant or marketplace.

Self-served white-label invoicing

Buyers can generate an invoice from the checkout, and pay it with a check, wire transfer or credit card. You can customize the invoices your customers receive with your own brand colors and logo.

Automatic credit assessment

Balance pre-qualifies buyers, or does so real-time within seconds, at checkout for those who haven’t yet been qualified, covering net 30,60,90 and up to 120 days. Merchants and marketplace vendors get paid upfront for invoices issued to qualified customers (within 1-2 business days), while buyers can pay with terms. Marketplaces get their fee payout immediately as well.

Take your mind off payments, for good.