Offer financing to your customers in seconds

Access credit lines for immediate cash relief and minimize the risk of late payments and non-payments

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Get the cashflow you need to scale <span class"yellow-span">without more overhead</span>

Collect your payment upfront—while providing your buyers the net 30, 60, or 90 terms their procurement teams need to operate effectively.

And you won't have to take on all the hassle (or risk) of financing the transactions yourself.

Give your customers <span class"yellow-span">a premium digital experience</span> with an online net terms solution

Give your customers <span class="yellow-span">a premium digital experience</span>
with an online net terms solution

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Streamline your back office operations with <span class="yellow-span">A/R automation</span>

Consolidate payments from ACH, wire, checks, and credit card on your dashboard. Then reconcile your payments and invoices. And update all transactions in your accounting software effortlessly.

So, when you're ready to withdraw your funds, you have a single source of truth for all buyer information.

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Balance helps our business to offer the gold standard in flexible payment terms.
Apostolos Atsalakis
Co-founder & CEO PNOĒ

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