Your buyers get net terms.
You get paid instantly.

Real-time financing assessment within seconds for each buyer, full collection handling, 100% of the risk on us - 0% on you.

Real-time qualification, in a matter of seconds.

Customers can apply for terms straight from the checkout by connecting their bank account. Within seconds, they are decided upon as qualified (or not), and their specific possible terms - covering net 30,60,90 and up to 120 days.


In a financed transaction, you will receive the funds to the bank account you’ve set in your account settings, within 1-2 business days. If the transaction is not financed, you’ll receive the funds after the customer pays.

Customizable, to fit your business.

Set flexible rule based limits, or differentiate between your products and other 3rd parties.

Zero risk.

Get paid the full invoice amount instantly, and bear 0% of the credit risk. We handle the collections and 100% of the risk, each time.

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Take your mind off payments, for good.