B2B payments for service providers

One place to manage billables, transactions, and collections for businesses of any size

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Easy payment operations

Forget tracing wires or waiting for ACH to clear. Balance automatically collects wire transfers and checks, reconciles them against the right transaction, and sends one consolidated payment your way.

Instant approval of terms for clients

Approve eligible clients to pay with terms, in a 6 second process.


Flexible transactions

Set up recurring retainer payments or offer your clients milestone payments and installments. You still get paid immediately by us.

Multiple payment methods

Offer buyers complete choice of how to pay, from ACH, wire, card, to paper checks. Get one consolidated payment from us.

Customer Story

Banner - Streamlining Transactions with Simple B2B Milestone Payments

Banner saved themselves the cost and hassle of milestone payments, giving construction managers flexible payment methods beyond credit cards, and automating vendor payments to contractor service providers.

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