B2B payments for SaaS

One giant step beyond credit cards to make large transactions streamlined

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Instant terms

With Balance, easily offer terms where few terms have gone before - the world of SaaS subscriptions. Best of all, get a seamless, branded experience right in the point of transaction, without drop outs.

Automated payment operations

With Balance, forget tracing wires or waiting for ACH to clear. We reduce overhead for the back office and automate accounts receivables - saving time with collections reminders, reconciliation, and settlement.


Reseller payouts

On the Balance Platform, easily manage multiple resellers. Get automatic settlement of every payment to its corresponding reseller account.

Flexible payment methods

With B2B Checkout, offer buyers total choice of how to pay, from ACH, wire, card, to paper checks. Get better cash flow with automatic, instant payouts or consolidated settlement - regardless of the payment method.

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