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Digitize B2B payments with a powerful platform

Offer your e-commerce customers flexible B2B payment processing and net 30+ terms from one checkout. So they get the flexibility and you keep overhead low.

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Accept any payment method with a flexible B2B platform

Leverage an embedded, branded checkout that can  accept ACH, wire, and check as well as credit card. Or use the dashboard to generate a payment link that does the same.

So not only can your buyers can pay the way they want, but you can also save money on processing fees by encouraging customers to switch from cards.

Gain the competitive edge with built-in net terms

Extend net 30+ payment terms to your customers regardless of their payment method–all without taking on any risk for financing the transactions.

So you can increase your AOV with existing customers. And acquire larger customers you couldn't handle before.

The smart way to manage B2B payments online:

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Streamline your back-end operations with A/R automation

Scale your transaction volume without scaling your overhead with Balance's powerful dashboard.

You'll automatically:

  • Reconcile funds-in with your accounting system
  • Match invoices and payments so you can settle funds in your account
  • Program vendor payouts with pre-approved take-rates

What we’ve helped our customers achieve with better B2B payments:

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Our vendors and buyers evolve and want a fully digitized experience — this only become possible once we were to provide real-time net terms at checkout.

Peter Fabian / Head of special projects at Choco

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