A seamless self-serve buyer experience, built for wholesalers.

Net terms for them, instant payout for you.

Offer a new generation of buyers everything they expect: a dedicated B2B checkout experience with real-time net terms, while you enjoy instant payouts and zero risk.

Reduced overhead Increased cashflow

  • Offload risk and hassle with automated credit application processes online
  • Real-time risk assessment for new buyers
  • Manage credit for existing customers
  • Instant invoice factoring to eliminate risk and AR hassle

Get instant payouts, with 0% risk

  • Get instant payouts, with 0% risk
  • Reduced overhead costs with full A/R management
Credit Linit & Net Terms Illustration

Offer flexible payment methods

  • Card payments, including Level ||/||| and Corporate Cards (powered by Stripe)
  • ACH payments
  • Self-serve invoicing for wire and check

A B2B checkout for this new generation of buyers

  • Seamless integration
  • Built as building blocks for full customization
  • Self-served white-label invoicing
  • Automatic credit assessment