Digitizing your payment experience, end to end.

Meet your buyer expectations: flexibility, speed, and zero friction.

The manufacturing industry is embarking on its digital transformation, to support new and complex customer purchasing demands.

With Balance, manufacturers can provide buyers with the flexibility they're used to getting offline, only quicker, easier and seamlessly online.

Offer flexible payment methods

  • Card payments, including Level ||/||| and Corporate Cards (powered by Stripe)
  • ACH payments
  • Self-serve invoicing for wire and check

Dedicated B2B Checkout

  • Seamless integration
  • Built as building blocks for full customization
  • Self-served white-lable invoicing
  • Automatic credit assessment

Transform your ability to accept credit

  • Manage credit for existing customers
  • Real-time risk assessment for new buyers
  • Instant invoice factoring to eliminate risk and AR hassle
  • Offload risk and hassle with automated credit application processes online

Risk free instant payouts

  • Get paid instantly while we handle the collection and take 100% of the risk off your hands.
Credit Linit & Net Terms Illustration