B2B Payment Capabilities

Any way, anywhere.

Business buyers' payment needs are unique. Accept it.

Payment Methods

Provide your business buyers with payment flexibility, while you get paid the same way. Easy, like card payments.

Instant ACH

Debit your buyers' account and settle the payment immediately, eliminating long clearing times and payment failures. We deal with the risk ourselves.


Track, reconcile, and settle your wire transfers right in your Balance account.


Process cards with Tier-1 processors, like Stripe.


Provide a secure lock box where your buyers can have checks mailed. We handle deposits and reconciliation so you don’t need to.

Payment Mechanisms

Offer complete flexibility in transactions.

Net terms

Auto-debit accounts when payment is due.


Enable hassle-free subscription payments of any size and duration.


Help your customers' cash flow by allowing them to pay in installments. 


  • Seamless setup - based on time or events. 
  • Automatically charge buyers or send an invoice for every milestone. 
  • Mark milestones as complete from the platform or via API.

Focus on what you do best.

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