B2B Payment Platform

Your new home for B2B payments.

Request payments, issue digital invoices and get them financed. Balance automates the invoice life cycle.
Payments and Invoicing

Transaction structures that make sense.

Flexible payment mechanisms for service providers, SaaS companies and merchants.

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Instant Invoice Financing

Send an invoice,
Now forget about it

Offer buyers flexible terms while you get the funds instantly from Balance.
Omni-channel payment support

You shouldn't care how your customers pay

Give buyers the ability to pay by check, bank wire, credit card or ACH. You receive one consolidated payout.
Vendor Payout Control

A platform made for marketplaces

Easily onboard and manage vendors. Automatically settle every payment to its appropriate vendor account and get complete control over payouts.
Platform Analytics

Be in the know

Get the revenue and growth information you care  about the most.

Focus on what you do best.

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