Tyltgo Solves Business Transaction Pain, Down to the Last Mile

Tyltgo Solves Business Transaction Pain, Down to the Last Mile

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Team Balance
Team Balance
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About Tyltgo

Tyltgo is a leading on-demand marketplace for delivery services in Ontario, Canada, that facilitates last-mile delivery for small businesses and enterprises. Tyltgo provides high-quality logistics solutions delivering goods for a variety of retailers like flower shops, prescription medicine, gift baskets, food, and other products. Using Tyltgo, the company’s customers grow their businesses, meet local delivery demand, and improve their customer experience.

Tyltgo Use Case

As a customer-experience and optimization focused company, Tyltgo makes same-day delivery enjoyable and reliable, saying, “75% of consumers will not order again if they have a negative delivery experience and 43% of users expect same day delivery.” For local businesses, the company offers streamlined and flexible order input, from pickup and drop-off times to locations. Tyltgo needed a payments solution that delivers a delightful experience to local businesses paying courier vendors multiple times a day.

“We just love using Balance! They’re an amazing team with a deep understanding of what goes into longstanding, dependable business relationships. Balance makes it easy for us to manage our vendor payments all in one place.”  

- Aaron Paul, CTO, Tyltgo


With Balance, Tyltgo automates paying for courier services and makes it easy for local businesses to streamline their payouts. Tyltgo can easily process payments made using traditional methods, like bank transfers and offer additional flexibility.

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With Balance, it’s easy for marketplaces to set up seamless business transactions for buyers and sellers. Learn more about accepting multiple payment methods, instant terms, automatic vendor payouts, automated collections, and more.

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