Active Logic achieves explosive growth with the help of Balance

Active Logic achieves explosive growth with the help of Balance

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Active Logic provides custom software and database development services on a myriad of technologies for both web and mobile platforms. With a strong belief in the power of tailored solutions and their Team-as-a-Service, Active Logic is able to consistently provide and deliver top-notch software for businesses. So much so that since March 2020, Active Logic has grown by 300%. 


With that kind of explosive growth, Active Logic needed support to scale their team, without slowing down. “At first, our payments system was very manageable. If you have five or six clients, each invoiced under $100,000, every 2 weeks, that’s manageable. But when you hit a boom, like we did, and sign not only more clients all at one time, but clients of much bigger size—then you know something has to change,” says Josh Bey, Operations Manager at Active Logic.

With bigger clients, not only was scale a concern, but there was another unique challenge. Enterprise-level customers have enterprise-level red tape: strict and inflexible payment processes. For example, AP teams pay all outstanding invoices via check, every Tuesday. 

At first, Active Logic had no problem with that. But once they had to hire 10 more people and pay them weekly, standing by for checks started to slow them down.

When you go through a growth spurt, and in effect, fulfill more projects, you can’t be waiting around for a payment when you have people you need to pay as well.

Josh explains that, “we asked ourselves, ‘how do we give breathing room to our account while keeping everything the same? Of course, you can charge clients more but then you lose out on business.” Active Logic started to do the research for a solution.

Nobody would help us. And nobody really understood the software world. But then we found Balance. 


By leveraging Balance’s AR and financing platform, Active Logic freed themselves from slow and inflexible invoicing, while also getting the cash flow they needed. “When we send an invoice on Monday, we really need to get paid that Tuesday,” says Josh.

And with Balance that was possible. As a result, they were able to hire staff quicker and offer them the salaries they needed to. 

Balance really helped a business go from small to medium.

Active Logic now offers all of their buyers the option to pay with net terms through Balance. “Our bank accounts and clients are a lot happier now. They don’t have to disrupt their processes to try to make sure they are paying due upon receipt. Balance has made for better relations all around and for better cash flow.”

B2B merchants are breaking payment boundaries with Balance

Balance has helped over 300 merchants move their B2B payment stack online. Online steel marketplaces to manufacturers and wholesalers have turned to Balance to automate their AR, streamline online purchasing, and boost their cash flow.

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