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Customers we’ve helped

Our first priority is enabling long-term growth for our customers, while making sure that they have what they need along every step of the way.

What exactly those needs are really vary merchant by merchant. Some customers that come to us are already transacting online, others are only beginning to process online payments. Or, they are somewhere in the middle, accepting both offline and ecommerce orders. If this is the case, merchants often start by leveraging our dashboard to finance, manage, and track offline transactions, then as they grow their ecommerce channels they’ll move to leveraging our online checkout SDK to natively and easily accept payments from credit cards, to ACH.

It all comes down to meeting customers where they are, adjusting to their needs, while also planning ahead so that they can meet future growth goals as well. For example, a merchant can go into their ERP system, manually submit an offline order on behalf of a customer, select the terms they want to offer, and that will trigger an API call for Balance to initiate a transaction. This automatically creates a digital invoice, with payment methods attached, that businesses can send out to buyers. This exact flow can also be done for just a portion of the total order volume as a way to test and understand the ways buyers benefit from and adopt net terms online.

Implementation is not just a technical development project where the goal is to get from point A to point B.

While we do want to deploy customers quickly, we optimize for the entire customer experience, which entails so much beyond just the developer experience. Everything our team does is structured around that. And everyone plays their own important role from project kickoff to launch. If executed well, a successful implementation strengthens customer relationships and sets up the partnership for long-term success.

We do this by making continuous improvements to implementations based on data driven insights, and customer feedback. And as new product features and capabilities are released, the team ensures that customers are taking full advantage of our platform. and adopt net terms online.

Unlocking B2B payments for your business

When we’re able to help merchants get up and running as soon as possible, while also prioritizing every feature and function that will allow for the success of their payment experience–that’s success in our book.

Businesses are already doing so much in their digital transformation journeys, the least we can do is take payments off their hands. And the impact of that is already felt by our customers.

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"The Balance team was very dedicated to creating a checkout experience that people actually want, and expect, and not compromise on that."
Michael Eichinger / Bay Supply founder and CEO

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