Using the Payments Platform

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Aya Neeman
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Aya Neeman

How can I access the platform sandbox?

Just click here - you’re a minute away.

How do I reset my password (“forgot password”)?

In the login page, right under the password field, click “Forgot Password”.

How to send invoices manually through the platform?

Go to your Balance account and click on ‘Create Payment’. Choose the relevant buyer (and for marketplaces the relevant vendor as well) and fill in the relevant details - including the items, the desired payment mechanism and payment methods you’d like to enable. If you choose the Net-Terms option you can choose to Finance the Transaction. Lastly, click on Share Invoice to produce the invoice and send it to the customer.

How to add buyers / vendors ? (For Marketplaces)

Go to your Balance account, click on Vendors and then click on ‘Add new vendor’. Insert the Vendor’s details including their bank account and click on ‘Add new vendor’.

What is “Auto payout”?

Auto Payout is a feature for marketplaces. When enabled, Balance will automatically trigger payment to the vendor after the buyer has paid.