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Aya Neeman
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Aya Neeman

This guide provides an overview of how to integrate Balance as a payment method on your BigCommerce store.

After successfully completing the installation, your customers will see Balance as a payment option on your store's checkout page.

You will need "Store Owner" access in BigCommerce to install the Balance app in the BigCommerce app marketplace.

It is best practice to do a test checkout with Balance in Sandbox mode before switching to Production. You will first need to create login credentials to Balance dashboards

To complete the Big Commerce installation, you need to have an account on Balance. Please ensure you have valid login credentials for both sandbox and production.

These credentials will be used in the subsequent steps below.

If you do not have your credentials, please reach out to your Customer Success point of contact at

Don’t have a Balance account yet? Please contact us here

Once you have credentials, you will be able to: 

1. Install the Balance app

2. Connect Balance Sandbox Account

3. Configure the Balance App

In this step, you’ll navigate to the "Payment Settings" tab to enable one or both Balance checkout options:

-Balance widget for payment with net terms - Enable to allow your customers to pay with net terms. Select up to 2 net terms days options.

-Balance widget for payment without net terms - Enable to offer payment on delivery  with credit card, bank debit, or wire.

For both options, you can customize a "Title in checkout" that will be displayed on your checkout page. See the Balance BigCommerce Settings for more information.

4. Activate Balance

At this point, you’ll be able to choose Balance B2B Payments. Ensure Sandbox mode is selected and "Balance is in Sandbox Mode" is displayed. Sandbox mode allows you to test in the Balance sandbox environment.

5. Test Balance in Sandbox

Here, you can place one or more test orders in your store, using Balance test data to verify orders are being processed in your BigCommerce orders list.

As you test, the Balance options you selected in Step 4 should be displayed as payment methods at checkout.

6. Connect Balance Production Account and Launch!