Payment Capabilities

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Aya Neeman
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Aya Neeman

How can you help me with reconciling payments?

Balance will reconcile all incoming payments and confirm they match the corresponding invoices. Any discrepancies will be flagged. With automatic reconciliation, you can reduce overhead associated with back-office receivables, and receive the funds to your account in one consolidated payout - regardless of the payment method. 

Do you support marketplaces and vendor payouts?

Absolutely! Balance was built to provide a customized B2B marketplace payment experience. With Balance, you can automatically settle every payment to its appropriate vendor account. Plus, you get complete control on payouts. Our platform is tailored to allow marketplaces to easily onboard and manage vendors.

Can I create a refund for a completed transaction?

For sure. Go to the ‘Transactions’ tab in your Balance account and click on the relevant transaction. Under the transaction ID, click on ‘Refund’. Choose the charges you would like to refund and click ‘Next’. Enter the refund amount, the reason for the refund and any notes. You can create a partial refund by entering a partial amount. To finish click ‘Refund’. Please note that the processing fees will not be refunded.