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Aya Neeman
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Aya Neeman

What payment methods are available in the checkout?

ACH (credit or debit), credit card, or wire transfer. Additionally, customers can checkout with an invoice, and pay that invoice with all the above methods + with paper checks.

No matter how the buyers choose to pay - we will transfer one consolidated payment straight to your account instantly.

How do I receive the funds to my account?

Balance would take care of the reconciliation process for you - we’ll receive the funds from the customer and make sure they match the invoice. We reimburse your Balance account, and make the funds available for your withdrawal.

How does payment with bank transfers work? What if customers can’t link their bank account?

The Balance checkout enables payment with an ACH debit in a smooth and easy process. All customers need to do is link their bank account using their account credentials and we’ll make sure to debit them for the transaction amount.

If the customer can’t link their bank account - no worries! They can pay with a wire transfer to a designated account. The wire details would be provided on the invoice.

How can I implement the checkout on my website ?

Implementing the checkout is quick and easy - you simply need to embed our checkout SDK (a few lines of code) which will enable you to call our APIs. Using the Balance APIs, you can also select specific capabilities from the checkout and not integrate it as a whole.

Would the user be redirected from my website to an external page in order to checkout?

No. The checkout will be integrated within your website to give your customer a seamless experience.

Can I use my branding for the checkout?

Definitely. The checkout would be tailored to your brand

Can customers pay with terms from the checkout?

Yes, customers can choose and be qualified to pay with terms directly within the checkout. Shouldn't take longer than a minute end to end, too.

Can customers pay with net-terms directly from the checkout?

Yes, customers can choose to pay with net-terms and be qualified for financing in real time straight from within the checkout. The process shouldn't take longer than a minute end to end.

Is the Balance checkout tailored for my B2B needs?

Yes. We created our B2B checkout features with business to business merchants and marketplaces in mind - covering all the flexibility and options customers are used to having offline, but with a consumer-like experience, in a real-time online seamless experience.