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Aya Neeman
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Aya Neeman

Is Balance right for my use case?

The short answer is - If you're selling to businesses online, then yes, we should definitely talk.
The longer answer is that Balance was built for B2B eCommerce businesses and digital marketplaces from the ground up -with the notion that retrofitted B2C solutions won't work when it comes to your necessary payment experience. Balance provides you with a dedicated B2B checkout experience but also with an all-in-one payment management system, because we understand your needs are well beyond just the checkout itself.

What sets you apart from the competition?

There are several solutions out there for lots of B2B payment needs. But no one is owning the entire B2B payment experience, end to end - which is what you as a business need and deserve. We work tirelessly to make sure you are enabling complete flexibility on the buyer side, while getting total control on your side and the vendor side. This is the only way a B2B eCommerce business can truly scale its payments.

How are you different from Stripe?

Stripe is an amazing company! While Stripe's focus is on payment infrastructure, we focus on B2B transactions. With features like automated invoice factoring (net terms), quotes from the platform, accepting multiple payment methods straight from the checkout, allowing payment with an invoice and many more. We made Balance with the goal to allow B2B businesses manage their whole payment process from one place with a seamless, omni-channel experience for business transactions of any kind.